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Welcome friends, new, old, and ones we have yet to meet, to K7 Herefords. Tom Heidt and family, in southeast Iowa, are always happy for visitors. Whether you make the trip to the farm, or see us at an event, making time to talk with others is a serious plus. Topics of weather, food, cattle, feed, markets, bulls, breeding programs, vaccinations, farm equipment, to just over all life keeps everyone more connected and keeps us going. Our current yearly stops for showing cattle include: Iowa State Fair, American Royal, and National Western Stock Show.



about us

K7 Herefords started as a 4-H project of Tom’s back in Wisconsin. In 1968, Tom bought his first purebred Hereford and been going strong since. Horned Herefords has been Tom’s preference with new influence in polled blood we are balancing the best of both genetics to not only improve our cattle but the market of our buyers. Not willing to sacrifice the good of the herd for the latest big name bull, our herd is still going in the newest high end bulls after a lot of thought, studying, and research.

Many of you may recognize Tom, cowboy hat, mustache, and snap up plaid shirts, but as most everyone knows there a lot of help here on the farm. The other half of the farm is Jo or the one whom always seems to be feeding people, with Tom and Jo together the laugh and conversation can flow for hours. The next generation of K7 is Victoria the eldest currently resides in Loganville WI along with her husband Hank.  Shane has finally decided his stay over in Sweden has come to an end and is starting a new job and adventure just south of Des Moines and the youngest Patti, either referred to as the one going for squatter’s right or personal secretary, show Aficionado, and middle of the night cow checker. Everyone comes together to put in their own weight, input, and talents.




15 Annual Production Sale

Bulls still available for sale
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contact us

Tom Heidt: Cell (608)574-2309
Jo Heidt: Cell (608)574-6334
Shane Heidt: (319)931-6151
Patti Heidt: (608)574-6210
Victoria Kypke: (608) 574-6330 - Wi Division
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